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Because losing someone isn’t an occasaion or an event. It doesn’t just happen once. It happens over and over again. I lose you every time I pick up your favourite coffee mug; whenever that one song plays on the radio, or when I discover your old t-shirt at the bottom of my laundry pile.

I lose you every time I think of kissing you, holding you or wanting you. I go to bed at night and lose you, when I wish I could tell you about my day. And in the morning, when I wake and reach for the empty space across the sheets, I begin to lose you all over again.


— Lang Leav

(Source: aglassofblue)

"You will exist, right there.
An eternal suspension
within me."

— Anna Akhmatova, from The Complete Poems

(Source: violentwavesofemotion, via 2amconversations)